Sky 7 Terrace & Lounge Bar


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Sky 7 Terrace & Lounge Bar

Breathtaking views, good music, delicious food and fine cocktails are the main features of this lovely venue. In the afternoon, you can enjoy the sun on the beautiful terrace, but come by in the evening if you want to have the most romantic view of Tbilisi, with the soothing notes of the saxophone as background of your unforgettable night.

Bars & Nightlife

Whether you are a frequent or an occasional party-goer, there is a right place for you in Tbilisi: join a crazy pub crawl around the city and challenge new friends to beer pong games, sit back and enjoy good music and drinks in a cosy bar, dance all night long in a vibrant night club, or join a more elegant party on a terrace. Whatever it is you are looking for, fun is guaranteed.