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Located in the southwestern region of China, Chongqing is surrounded by rivers and mountains, which lend a unique beauty to this rapidly developing city. With its unique geography, vibrant culture, and modern architecture, Chongqing is a city that has something for everyone. Whether you're interested in exploring the city's history, enjoying the natural beauty or simply marvelling at the modern skyline, Chongqing is a destination that should not be missed.

The City

Chongqing is situated in the upper reaches of China's longest river, the Yangtze, at its confluence with the Jialing River. Most of its roads meander around the rivers or through the mountains, and old houses still remain among the skyscraper jungle. The major tourist attractions gather in Yuzhong, Shapinba and Nan'an Districts. At night, the city lights take over the sky. The climate is mild with warm winters, hot summer days and rainy nights.

Do & See

A few of the city's major scenic spots include the Jiefangbei and Chaotian Gate Plaza, the Three Gorges Museum and the Ciqikou ancient town. The highlight of the touring section of the Three Gorges is also located in Chongqing.


As a branch of Sichuan cuisine, the one of Chongqing is known to have chili pepper and bean paste as two of its key dish ingredients. There are many different types of flavors, but the predominant one is the numbingly spicy. Chongqing is the hometown of hotpot, a continuously simmering spicy broth, in which the diners cook an assortment of meat and vegetables themselves. Restaurants are usually open until 10:00pm.


Most of Chongqing's cafes are located in busy central areas such as Jiefangbei, and serve both Chinese and western style drinks and foods. The usually cozy environments make them appealing to a young crowd. They generally open at 9am and many keep going till 1am, just in time for a late night drink.

Bars & Nightlife

There are hundreds of bars in Chongqing, all of which contribute to the city's vibrant nighttime atmosphere. Nighttime entertainment in Chongqing is centered around Jiefangbei and the venues are open until around 2am.


Despite being a modern city, Chongqing offers you the chance to buy all kinds of goods, traditional to new-fashioned, small local brands to huge international brands. Either if you are looking forward to buy some souvenirs or simply trying to diminish the empty space in your luggage, you will definitely find anything you want.

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