11 Incredible Animals Youll Only Find in India

From the royal tiger to freshwater dolphins, these rare species aren’t found anywhere else in the world.

India is home to 104 national parks and 553 wildlife sanctuaries. It is rich with nature—its deserts, wetlands, forests, and coasts give shelter to about 8% of the world’s species, and new ones are found every year. Although the elusive cats and majestic elephants are the postcards of wildlife in India, there are many other creatures that inspire awe, like the Great Indian Bustard and barasingha. Is it any surprise then that a safari experience in the country is nothing short of a wildlife documentary? However, like any other country in the world, India, too, is dealing with the loss of biodiversity. About 12% of wild mammals and 3% of bird species face extinction in India according to WWF-India—many are endangered and vulnerable. Conservation efforts have given a new lease to some and as per the UN, transformative change can protect nature even after so much destruction. Responsible tourism helps in safeguarding natural habitats and communities that depend on nature, so plan a conscious trip to India and learn more about these species that are found nowhere else in the world (mostly). INSIDER TIPWant to learn more about nature? Turn to Sir David Attenborough who has two wonderful documentaries on Netflix: David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet and Our Planet.  

The Best Thing to Do in Every Swing State This November

Aside from the obvious.

As November creeps closer and closer, those living in swing states will become all the more familiar with the two Presidential candidates via non-stop advertising and canvassing. Don’t get us wrong: these swing states and votes are incredibly important, but sometimes it can all be a little…overwhelming. For those who spent their October preparing for the November 3 election—civic engagement isn’t always a walk in the park—we think you (and your brain) deserve a break. From art festivals to a beer week to a bike race, we found something for every swing-state resident to do this November, after the obvious.

11 of Easter Islands Strangest Sights

Scratch your head over Easter Island’s oddest wonders.

Easter Island is one of the strangest places a traveler can visit. A dot in the middle of the South Pacific, “Isla de Pascua” is challenging to reach—you can only fly in from Santiago, Chile, or Tahiti—and spans a mere 63.2 square miles. Yet in a normal year, around 100,000 tourists arrive here, drawn to its peculiar landscapes and moai statues. From googly-eyed stone men to a cave of cannibals, the ancient Rapa Nui people left behind relics that are fascinating to behold. To this day, archaeologists are still unraveling the mysteries of their culture. Take a hop to Easter Island, and let your imagination run wild as you puzzle over these 11 attractions. INSIDER TIPTravelers must have a National Park Ticket to access the island’s best-known sites including Orongo, Rano Raraku, and Tongariki. You may purchase a ticket upon arrival at Mataveri Airport, and it currently costs $80 in cash for non-Chileans.  

Oregon’s Oddest Roadside Attractions and Offbeat Museums

These weird, wild, and wonky detours are worth pulling over for.

In a state with a well-publicized reputation for eccentricity plus thousands of miles of highways crisscrossing it, you’re almost guaranteed to encounter some Americana oddities along the way. And Oregon does not disappoint, with hand-built theme parks, niche museums, real-life ghost towns, a shipwreck you can walk up to at low tide, and even Howard Hughes’s “flying boat.” Route your road trip to hit at least a few of these classic roadside attractions.